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Welcome! Thanks for coming by. I am always happy to get a visit from new friends.

Cin's Chat Corner is my brand new internet radio show based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The show will be aired five days a week, 60 minutes per day. I will be broadcasting at 9:00 p.m. central time. My first day of programming will be on February 15th on Blog Talk Radio. Listed below is the intended content for my show:

There will be weekly interviews with local musicians and anyone I can beg to interview for my show! My first guest is Peggy Tanous of The Real Housewives franchise!

I am launching my new dating show on air.

I will be having weekly guests who are able to shed light on various charities, including conducting a call-in event to raise money!

I will be covering a potpourri of topics: celebrities, parents, world events, sex, and relationships. I will also always seek advice from my own callers!

Finally, there will be giveaways of various types!

For the first 30 days of my programming, I invite ANY individual who is interested in promoting a product or service to contact me. I will promote you at no charge via on air and website. If anyone wishes to be given an interview, do not hesitate to contact me.

Contact us here.

 @2012 Cin's Sweet Creations

About Your Host:

I am a published author and founder of Cin's Sweet Creations, a creative personalized writing business. I have been published in a variety of publications, as well as the publication of a poetry book. My works have been donated to local organizations such as Make A Wish Foundation and Wisconsin Right to Life. In addition, I have done lecturing in the Milwaukee Public School system.

Writing has been my life long passion, secondary only to my children. I am taking my finally tuned skills as a writer to create a radio show that is unique in its own right. Entertaining programming that is somewhat racy and witty from a sarcastic and opinionated lady. I have an opinion about everything, and welcome hearing an audience share theirs with me!


Please sign my petition for saving the Rosebud Theater. The link is listed below:

Feel free to like me on Facebook (Cin's Chat Corner)

The show can be found on Twitter (CMich2)

My direct email for show ideas, interviews or questions is, or call me at 414-306-2956..


 @2012 Cin's Sweet Creations


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826 W. Riverview Drive, Glendale, WI | 414-306-2956

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