Truffles for Treatment

January 26, 2012

Hi All:

Upon the advent of starting my new radio show, I am attempting to use all of my resources for good cause.

I have been a long time advocate for both bipolar research, as well as finding assistance for those suffering with mental health issues and lack treatment. I myself am a bipolar person with 25 years experience. I am not rich my any means, but if enough people all work together - many more lives could be improved. Mental illness takes a painful and emotional toll on families, friends and partners. Please help me in my endeavor.

I am offering three ways to help:

I make the most delicious Oreo Truffles. I am selling these per dozen at a reasonable price. I can ship anywhere as I offer Pay Pal for payment.

I am the owner of a creative writing business. I do personalized pieces of writing. These items include love letters, poetry and short stories. Being so close to Valentine's Day, what better gift than a bag of truffles and a beautiful framed piece of writing?

Third of all, tune into my radio show in February. I will be joining up with various organizations over time to educate individuals and to continue to do fundraisers on-air. I will also have a discussion forum set up on my show page where sufferers of mental illness can find assistance, support and friendship. So. please spread the word to everyone you know and I hope you decide to tune in.

Please visit my websites to find out more information:

I may be reached via email at or else directly at 414-306-2956.


Cin's Chat Corner is coming to life!

January 3, 2012

Hello All:

If you have viewed my website, you will see that I am going to be writing and producing my own talk radio show. It is both exciting and scary at the same time. I am utilizing my show for a potpourri of reasons. For one, I want to give my writing business an enermous amount of shameless promotion! As I had mentioned, I am offering free advertising and promotion to any business, cause, or individual for the first 30 days of broadcasting. I am also seeking non-profits who wish to gai...

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